The Professional $1250/mo (40/hrs per month/6 mo. contract/per VA)

Perfect for entrepreneurs and small business owners that have been in business for at least three years or have a steady revenue stream and have begun developing serious traction and loyalty with their customer base.  

After the Agreement is signed (within the Order Form), we begin with a Free 30-minute consultation to assess your needs begin the intake process. We are available M-F 9-to-5 CST. You will have the services of a dedicated VA for up to 10 hours per week. Just Email or Phone your VA with your instructions, and we will supply the support you need to accomplish each task. Go over 40 hours in a month? No worries, it's just $37 per hour after 40 hours (billed at the end of the month after a 30-minute increment over the 40 hours has been reached). Once per month, you will receive a 30-minute development and strategy review meeting to assess your continued needs.

Virtual Secretaries...

  • Provide their own office space, equipment & supplies..
  • Have no costs associated with hiring as does a salaried employee.
  • Have no employer related taxes to be paid.
  • Have no benefit packages to buy.

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