This program is for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who know that Social Media is important to establish a thriving brand, but you have challenges in exactly HOW to strategically do it! We provide PEACE OF MIND so that you don't have to figure it out, but you can focus on the business of Your Business and be positioned as a guru in your field!



Are you like so many Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners (both established and new) who are completely overwhelmed with all that they have to do to effectively get their messaging out to engage their target audiences on Social Media? Do you find yourself almost facing financial ruin because you’re spending too much on Google Adwords or Pay-Per-Click Marketing? Do you have, or are you implementing a Social Media Marketing Strategy specifically designed for your business? Do you have time to do it all yourself, or do you even want to do it yourself?  

Our 6-Month Small Business Breakthrough* will effectively get your business on the map and get people talking about you! We will show you how and what to publish on each social platform. Most importantly, we will create and maintain your Monthly Editorial Calendar and post for you daily!

Through our Done-For-You Services, you’ll have peace of mind because you will be able to focus on selling your product or service, rather than on figuring out all the details of social media marketing  

You’ll get a monthly marketing analytic report that will show you exactly how your social marketing dollars are working each and every month.

You will have the competitive advantage because we will coach you on a social media strategy for each social platform that will enhance the way you are thinking about your business, your clients, and how you can best serve them.

You will learn how to develop your “tribe” of followers and add value to their lives through your intentional postings, thus getting more leads, and more chatter about you and your brand on all social platforms.  

You will develop deep and relevant interactions with your client base.

You will develop deep and relevant interactions with your client base, and you will be positioned as a thought leader in your industry.  


Do you have a large following already? This Monthly Maintenance Package is a custom package created just for you and your business. In this package we will work closely with your marketing team to develop & manage your online presence across the social web. Features include: audience building, reputation management, content creation & distribution, customer service, blog management & more.

  • A Full Audit and Evaluation of your existing social media presence and marketing to date  
  • A written report detailing recommendations based on the findings of the audit and evaluation process.  
  • 3 – 60 minute Intake Process and Business Action Step sessions to outline the strategies for effective Social Marketing  
  • Development of a 6 month Social Media Marketing Strategy that maps out the direction for you to reach your goals  
  • Strategic guidance and training on how to proactively respond in real time online to your business followers  
  • Reputation Monitoring and Standard Customer Service Responding to Comments from your followers  
  • 2 – 15 minute Emergency calls per month  
  • Development of and sharing of a Monthly Editorial Calendar  
  • Intentional and thoughtful Posting 3x per business day on each platform - up to 6 platforms  
  • 4 – 30 minute calls per month (1 per week) to discuss progress and strategy  
  • Blog Posting up to two times monthly when YOU supply the content.  
  • Email Marketing using your existing email marketing platform – up to two per month, when YOU supply the content for no more than 1000 contacts.  
  • 1 Monthly “Touch Base” Metrics and Assessment Report to show how each social platform is doing for your business at the end of each month

The Rock Star Services Small Business Social Media Package Includes... 

Month #1 One-Time Set-up*

*Required on this Package | Discounted Heavily from Standard Pricing

Evaluation & Road Map Audit


Basic Set-up of 5 Social Media Packages 


One 15-30 Second Branding Video 


One 60 Second Branding Video 


Graphics/Content Creation - Initial


$3225/one time

Monthly (6)

Basic Profile Management of 5 Social Media Packages  


Content Distribution


Audience Building 


Graphics/Content Creation - Continual


Continued Engagement


Reputation Monitoring


Customer Service Replies


YouTube/Facebook Videos - 1 per month


Blog Maintenance


Content Management - all platforms


Open Access to your dedicated Social Media Manager regularly





Let's Start with a Conversation!

* This is a 6-month contract social media service. Please note that it will take up to 2 weeks to completely on-board a new client.  

You will be entitled to a one time 5% Monthly Discount if you continue with our service for 12+ months or higher.