NO FRILLS / just the basics  

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Yelp, and many others are becoming incredibly important communication channels for consumers making buying decisions. We offer results-driven social media management solutions in which our specialists create profiles on the social media sites of your choice, post written and image-driven content each week, and respond to comments or questions that might arise on these highly viewed services.


The Social Media Management results will vary widely based on several factors. Expect us to work hard for you to build an online community around your business that will help to boost your visibility, customer satisfaction and engagement across the board. Ultimately all of the efforts we put into growing your online community, will result in added foot traffic and most importantly more revenue!

You pick the social media platform for your business (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...etc.) and we can manage 1 or all platforms for you.  

  • We will post up to 10 times per month for your package. If you require additional posts, just let your Dedicated Account Manager know and we will work out an arrangement for you. You can even spread them across all of the Social Media platforms that we are managing for you.
  • This package comes with up to 25 responses each month. You can even spread them across all of the Social Media platforms that we are managing for you.  
  • You will get a monthly status update. Each month, expect to see a report detailing the activity generated from your Social Media Management.
  • This service come with a 3 month term commitment, that auto-renews on a 3 month rolling window.
  • If you want to post images, you simply need to supply your Dedicated Account Manager with either royalty free pictures or those pictures you own and have the rights to, and we will post them upon your behalf. 

The NO FRILLS Social Media Small Business Package 

$150 per month

The 7 Step Process:

1) You purchase the service.  

2) Your Dedicated Account Manager reaches out to you within 2 business days to welcome you and let you know about the email that s/he will send you to start to data mine your important information.  

3) You complete and submit the intake form. If you want us to hold your hand, we will walk you thorugh the intake form.

4) Your Dedicated Account Manager receives and evaluates the intake form contents that were submitted. If we have a need for further details, then we will reach out to you to elaborate. If not, we let you know that we have everything we need and will get to work on your project. The Target Launch date is provided to you in this step.  

5) Work is completed on the project  

6) You are informed monthly of the work that was completed upon your behalf.  

7) Rinse and repeat each month