Getting Started $700/mo (20/hrs per month per assigned VA)

Perfect for those who have been in business for a couple of years and have a steady revenue stream.

After the Agreement is signed (within the Order Form), we begin with a Free 30 minute consultation to assess your needs begin the intake process. We are available M-F 9-to-5 CST. You will have the services of a VA for up to 5 hours per week. Just Email or Phone your VA with your instructions, and we will supply the support you need to accomplish each task. Go over 20 hours in a month? No worries, it's just $37 per hour after 20 hours (billed at the end of the month after a 30 minute increment over the 20 hours has been reached). 


Virtual Secretaries...

  • Provide their own office space, equipment & supplies..
  • Have no costs associated with hiring as does a salaried employee.
  • Have no employer related taxes to be paid.
  • Have no benefit packages to buy.

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