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Turn your passion for entrepreneurial education into rewards for everyone!

Do you know a Woman-Over-40 that has a fantastic idea and wants to build a small business or become an entrepreneur, but just doesn't know how to do it? 

Make a HUGE difference in her success through the BusyGal BEES Referral Program.

STEP 1: Sign up to join the BusyGal BEES Referral Program. You’ll automatically receive a unique referral link to share with your network and an on-line portal to access marketing materials.

STEP 2: Share your unique link and marketing materials with anyone who can benefit from BusyGal BEES' entrepreneurial education technology platform of online classes.

STEP 3: For everyone you refer who becomes a customer, you’ll receive 30% - 50%* of their online purchase price via PayPal. Go back to Step 1 and repeat—there’s no limit to the rewards you can earn!

*See the BEES Referral Partner Terms and Conditions for more explanation. 


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Who should join the referral program?  

Anyone with the desire to help people, specifically Women Over 40 who need a 2nd chance in their 2nd chapter of life, and want to become entrepreneurs and/or small business owners, but just don't know the process to becoming successful.

Who should I refer to BusyGal BEES?  

Our LMS (Learning Management System) is perfect for all busy and active Over-40 adults (especially Women-Over-40) who have the desire to learn about entrepreneurship and small business ownership and management online, on-demand and at their own pace, without having to spend $100K and 2+ years getting an MBA at a University! Every person is different, so don't hesitate to refer anyone you think is a good fit and we will take it from there.  

What happens once I refer a customer?  

Once a referral clicks the link on one of your online marketing pieces (provided in your online portal) and submits their information, they’ll have access to the BusyGal BEES website. It is recommended that you provided them Tast the Success link for Referral Partners where, if they’re interested in becoming a student, they can have the option of taking the free "Taste the Success" module first, and upon completion, they will be prompted at the end of the free module to reference you initial letter which you would have sent to them previously in order to purchase one of our curricula, courses, or monthy subscription plans via unique tracking links. Once they use the links in your initial email, you will get your reward because your tracking link initiated the sale.

What are the Referral Partnership tiers and what does that mean to me financially?  

We have 2 Tiers of Referral Partnerships: Strategic and Celebrity.  

At the Strategic Tier you will be entitled to 30% of the selling price of each curriculum, course, or module sold per month.  

At the Celebrity Tier you will be entitled to 50% of the selling price of each curriculum, course or module sold per month. This tier is by invitation only.  

If you think you qualify for the Celebrity Tier please write us at The only 2 requirements we have are 1) you must have at least 15K followers per social media account following you on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn) and 2) your business and/or you are considered to be an influencer in your market or industry via online evidence and documentation.

How do I get my reward?  

If someone clicks your unique tracking link for the MAVEN curriculum, one of the 8 core courses, or one of the Monthly E-Learning Subscription (Novice, Specialist, or Expert) Module Paths, signs up and becomes a paying student (staying so past the 30 day guarantee for the curricula and/or 15 days for the courses or modules), you’ll receive the percentage due you of the advertised purchase price in your PayPal account 45 days later.